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      Pre-Gastric Bypass Surgery Assessments

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The decision to undergo Obesity Surgery is a very serious one, and anyone considering it should think about it carefully, because it also involves the individual making significant lifestyle changes after the surgery is conducted.
Many surgeons, medical centers, and insurance companies require that patients who are to have this surgical procedure undergo a psychiatric or psychological evaluation to assess their psychological status prior to the Gastric Bypass Surgery.  The requirement for the patient to see a psychologist or psychiatrist is part of the preparation for the surgery.

The Purpose of the Psychological Evaluation

Prior to the Gastric Bypass Surgery, patients should be evaluated to rule out any existing eating disorders or any other psychiatric or psychological issues that might adversely affect the results of the surgery.  The evaluation assesses whether the patient is mentally and emotionally prepared for the surgery, and is mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with the outcome of the surgery.

Psychological Evaluations assess the presence of any psychiatric issues that are relevant to the Gastric Bypass Surgery, such as:

  • Whether or not the patient is psychotic or clinically depressed.
  • Whether the patient is competent in making the decision to proceed with Gastric Bypass Surgery.
  • Whether the patient fully comprehends to serious of the procedure and the lifestyle changes that must take place once it is done.
  • Whether the patient has unrealistic expectations about the outcome of surgery.
  • The patient's ability to handle the stress of the period following surgery.
  • Any history of substance or alcohol abuse.

Further Use of Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations are powerful tools that assist in the diagnosis, treatment, or management of any psychological, emotional, or behavioral problems that a patient might have. Psychological Evaluations are extremely important in preparation for Gastric Bypass Surgery. If you are a patient, or if you know someone who is contemplating Gastric Bypass Surgery, contact us at 619-543-2827.

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